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We are a prestigious scholarship program dedicated to supporting exceptional individuals in their pursuit of a career in medicine. Named after the esteemed Dr. Vidal Sheen, a renowned medical professional and advocate for healthcare advancement, this scholarship aims to empower and recognize the next generation of medical professionals who will shape the future of healthcare.

At the Dr. Vidal Sheen Scholarship for Medical Students, we believe in the power of education and the transformative impact it can have in the field of medicine. We are committed to providing financial assistance to deserving medical students, helping to alleviate the financial burden associated with pursuing a medical degree.

Our scholarship program not only provides monetary support but also serves as a platform to celebrate the passion, dedication, and potential of aspiring medical professionals. Through an essay contest, we seek to identify individuals who possess the drive, ambition, and innovative thinking necessary to make a positive impact on patient care and medical research.

We are proud to offer a $1,000 scholarship to deserving recipients, which can be used to support various educational expenses such as tuition, textbooks, and professional development opportunities. Our goal is to enable talented students to fully immerse themselves in their studies and focus on becoming the best healthcare professionals they can be.

The Dr. Vidal Sheen Scholarship for Medical Students is open to all medical students, regardless of their area of specialization or the educational institution they attend. We believe in inclusivity and strive to provide equal opportunities for aspiring medical professionals from diverse backgrounds.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the scholarship eligibility criteria, application process, and important deadlines. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our scholarship committee. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Thank you for considering the Dr. Vidal Sheen Scholarship for Medical Students as a means to support and advance your education in the medical field. We look forward to receiving your application and joining you on your journey towards an impactful and fulfilling career in medicine.

Professional Credentials

Education/ License

  • From outstanding high school performance at Henry Clay High School, Lexington, Kentucky, this physician earned their B.S. Biomedical Engineering degree at The John Hopkins University. They followed suit with a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine and continued medical training at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Additionally, they are certified in vascular diagnostics, phlebology, Botox and filler injections, with laser and lipo training from multiple facilities.

  • This physician is affiliated with several professional medical organizations, including the American Medical Association, American Academy of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, Missouri Medical Association, American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and American Academy of Facial Aesthetics.

Employment History

  • Traversing universities and research facilities, this accomplished physician’s innovative career began in 1986 as a USDA Fellowship recipient at the University of Kentucky, Department of Agronomy. Under more fellowships and clinical technician positions, they have excelled in diverse fields, including neurosciences, biomechanical engineering, and biochemistry research. As a hospitalist, house physician and clinical instructor, and an established phlebologist and physician with a reputable vein institute, they continue to expand on their impressive resume.

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I am dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare and aesthetic services, utilizing my expertise in internal medicine, phlebology, and facial aesthetics. With my extensive education, certifications, and memberships in reputable medical organizations, you can trust that you are in capable hands. I look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your health and beauty goals.


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